Vegan boots

Two weeks ago I got my first vegan boots. But no, I didn’t throw away my old shoes, I just needed new boots and discovered them here (DOGO Germany). They are beautiful and very very comfy.

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My vegan life / Mein veganes Leben


My biggest concern in my new, vegan life was – don’t laugh – what would be the best alternative for milk. Since I’m a total coffee addict I really had to find something that tasted as good as milk, because I knew I wouldn’t like my coffee taste too different. It took me several days trying out different vegan products. Very content with the final result I took a photo of my two favourite products: Cuisine Soya (also perfect for refining the taste/cooking, Alpro) and Bio Soya Original (Alpro).

🌿 🌿 🌿

Meine größte Sorge in meinem neuen, veganen Leben war – nicht lachen – was würde die beste Alternative für Milch sein. Da ich total Kaffee süchtig bin, musste ich unbedingt etwas finden, das so gut schmeckt wie Milch. Ich wusste, ich würde meinen Kaffee zu sehr anders schmeckend nicht mögen. Es brauchte mehrere Tage und verschiedene, vegane Produkte. Auf dem Foto seht ihr das endgültige Ergebnis meiner Suche, mit dem ich sehr zufrieden bin: Cuisine Soya und Bio Soya Original. Beides ist von Alpro. Da ich drei 1/2 Jahre vegetarisch gelebt habe, habe ich die Cuisine Soya oft zum verfeinern von Soßen etc. verwendet. Eine wie ich finde hervorragende Alternative zu den handelsüblichen Produkten.

Fwd: History of Ireland

Irish society, up through the Iron Age, was based on the family unit. The family traditionally consisted of living parents and their children. The next larger unit came to be known as the Sept, which consisted of a closely related group of families such as the families of children of one set of parents and […]

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